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Release VersionCentrix R28
Release Date (Staging)17 October 2014
Release Date (Production)21 October 2014
  • Support for TX(-L) secured messaging protocol
  • Fixed issue with map designer delete button when double-clicked
  • Fixed issue when deleting users


TX(-L) Secured Messaging

A security layer has now been added to the existing messaging protocol used by the SA380TX and SA380TX-L. This reduced the risk of loggers being spoofed or misconfigured in a way where data could become corrupted within Centrix;

  • Loggers are now uniquely identified by manufacturer serial number
  • Logger messages are now validated
  • Additional proprietary method used to determine message correctness

Other Features

  • Auditing of several areas of the system for future usage reporting

Bug Fixes

  • Map designer delete button causes an error when double clicked
  • Users that have logged in at least once could not be deleted


JIRA Issues Resolved

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