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Release VersionCentrix R29
Release Date (Staging)TBC
Release Date (Production)22 October 2014
  • Improved asset generation for repeat relay functions
  • New logger contact alert type to detect loss of contact with a logger


Logger Contact Alert

A much requested feature is to be alerted when a logger hasn't been successfully contacted by Centrix for a given period of time (loss of comms). This feature is now available in the Alerts section of the system.

  • Access the Alerts section of the system
  • Click the Add button in the bottom left
  • Select Logger Contact (Comms) and click Create Alert
  • Enter a name for the alert (e.g. "24H No Comms")
  • It is recommended the suppression period is set fairly high to avoid being notified constantly for the same site (e.g. 24 Hours)
  • Set the maximum contact interval (this is the maximum amount of time you want to allow between logger contact before you are sent an alert)
  • Click OK

The site name, logger name and the name you specify on the alert will be provided in the e-mail alert. This should allow you to investigate the issue further.

Improved Asset Generation Algorithms

The algorithms used to generate assets on maps have been improved to consider a wider selection of channel name candidates. This should reduce the amount of manual asset creation required when producing a new map. The new candidates are highlighted in red below:

  • Track Circuits will be generated from channels containing: TK, TR, TPR, T?PR,TP?R
  • Points will be generated from channels containing: NWK, NWKR, NWKPR, NWK?PR, NKR, NKPR, NK?PR, NKP?R, RWK, RWKR, RWKPR, RWK?PR, RKR, RKPR, RK?PR, RKP?R, AUK, BUK

A test on one site resulted in 60% more assets being generated automatically compared to the previous algorithms.

Other Features / Bug Fixes

  • Dialled logger state timeouts can now be configured per logger (system admin function)


JIRA Issues Resolved

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