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Release VersionCentrix R31
Release Date (Staging) 
Release Date (Production)8th December 2014
  • Create multiple track flick alerts from single screen.
  • Site name can now be different than the configured name on the logger.
  • Improved performance of digital events report.
  • Improved performance of CSV export on reports.
  • Map asset generator improvements.


Create multiple track flick alerts from single screen

You can now create a Track Flick Alert for all track circuits on a site from a single dialog.

  • Open Alerts page
  • Click Add button in the bottom left of the screen
  • Select Track Flick and click Create Alert
  • Type the name of the track circuit channel you want to add to the alert and click Add
  • Repeat for all channels you want to share the same configuration
  • You can click Add TR to automatically add all track circuit relay channels to the alert
  • Fill in the fields on the right as before - the channel name will be appended to the Alert Name Prefix when the alert is created
  • Click OK to create the alerts



Logger site name configuration

This release of Centrix removes the long-standing restriction that the site name must match the site name configured on the logger (for dialled loggers). This restriction was in place to ensure that loggers were not incorrectly configured in Centrix and therefore stops data corruption.

To allow more flexibility in the naming of sites and to save physical access to loggers to change site name, we have added a new field on the Logger tab called Site Name (on Logger). When this is filled in it will allow the Site Name on the Site tab to be configured as something different than what is projected by the logger. The value in the Site Name (on Logger) box must match what is configured on the logger so the logger can be validated and stop any data corruption due to misconfiguration.

If you want to change the name of an existing logger in Centrix;

  • Click Sites from the main menu.
  • Locate the site you want to re-configure and select Edit Site from the Actions menu.
  • On the Site tab, copy the current value from the Name box.
  • Click the Logger tab and paste the value into the Site Name (on Logger) box.
  • Return to the Site tab and enter your new desired name for the site. This name must be unique across all sites.

For any site that does not have the Site Name (on Logger) value entered, the existing validation will apply (the site name must match the name from the logger).