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Release VersionCentrix R32
Release Date (Staging)16 December 2014
Release Date (Production)16 December 2014
  • Improvements to sequence timing report
  • Support for BBRail RelayALERT loggers
  • Improvements to alert history dialog
  • Timezone fixes


Sequence Timing Report Improvements

We have made further improvements to the sequence timing report to make creating reports easier and quicker.

  • Selection / searching of input channels
  • Improved layout of report generator
  • Improved layout of report viewer
  • Included report conditions on report viewer



BBRail Relay ALERT Loggers

Centrix now has the capability to extract data remotely from BBRail Relay ALERT data loggers. This functionality is currently experimental as we've had limited access to existing hardware. If you'd like to trial a Relay ALERT logger on Centrix, please get in touch.

We have observed issues with the data from BBRail RelayALERT loggers that will result in potentially unexpected behaviour during replay or alert configuration;

  • Time-stamping of events from the RelayALERT data logger do not appear to be correct. We believe events appear in order in the data file, in many occasions the timestamp of the event goes backwards between events.
  • The first event in the data file can hold a significantly delayed timestamp (~5 seconds). We believe this is caused by the logger flushing the initial states and then time-stamping any events it holds in the queue. As a result, you can find mis-fired alerts such as "Track Flick".

We continue to recommend that for consistent and accurate replay & alerting, BBRail RelayALERT loggers are replaced with SA380 loggers wherever possible.


Alert History Improvements

  • Improved initial loading time of the alert raise history
  • The alert history dialog now loads only the most recent raises
  • Scrolling down the history will load more results