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Release VersionCentrix R37
Release Date (Staging)27 April 2015
Release Date (Production)15 April 2015
  • Alerts listing performance improvement
  • Labels included in alert e-mails
  • Bug fixes


Alert listing performance improvement

The performance of the alert listing had a noticeable degradation depending on the number of alerts and alert raises assigned to the selected site.

The data model has now been amended to significantly improve the loading of the alert listing without affecting what is displayed on this page.


Labels included in alert e-mails

The e-mail subject for all Centrix alerts now uses the following format;

CENTRIX ALERT | Priority | Site Name | Alert Name | Label(s)


CENTRIX ALERT | Medium | Derby Relay Room | AA TR Flick | DY Tracks, DY Faults

The labels are also included in the e-mail body under the heading "Labels".

If you have existing filters configured in your e-mail client, please ensure they are compatible with the new format.


Bug fixes

  • Historic message log on RDAQ Loggers tab causes non system admin users to be logger out.
  • Renamed "Interlocking" to "Site" on add channel dialog for graphs.
  • Alert summary e-mail sent for maintenance periods should be sent to e-mails subscribed to labels.