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Release VersionCentrix R44
Release Date (Staging)09 July 2015
Release Date (Production)10 July 2015
  • Improved level crossing barrier graphical object (converted to vector)
  • Improvements to TX Admin
  • Maintenance message
  • Service desk link
  • Points swing times report improvements
  • Bug / maintenance fixes


Level crossing barrier graphical object

The barrier graphical object in the map designer / viewer has been re-created as a vector image. This will make the image display better on all screens and zoom levels.



TX admin improvements

Various improvements have been made to the TX Admin page to improve performance.


Maintenance message

Whilst we send an e-mail notification of any scheduled message, we are receiving an increased number of calls/e-mails when Centrix becomes unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. As such, we have now added a maintenance mode to the system that will add a warning to the top of the application when the system is about to become unavailable due to maintenance.

If you see this message at the top of the application, please logout and wait until the end of the scheduled maintenance period before you log back in.


Service desk

We have now introduced a service desk for making requests relating to Centrix. You can open the service desk by clicking the Service Desk button at the top of the application.

Click here to read more about the service desk.


Points swing times report improvements

Some minor performance improvements have been made to the Points Swing Times report. The data loading process is now more efficient and should load the data set more quickly.

The "drill down" event data displayed underneath the histograms now shows dates in the configured timezone of the site rather than UTC/GMT.


Bug / maintenance fixes

We have completed a number of maintenance updates in this release to help us track and debug specific issues.

  • Improved application logging
  • Automatic database patching for updates
  • Track circuit alarm bug fixes and consistency improvements
  • Fixed analogue (AoC) data export function
  • Improved system start-up time by not initialising deleted alarms
  • Track last command/message ID on SA-SSI loggers to debug duplicate message issues