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Release VersionCentrix R49
Release Date (Staging)29 September 2015
Release Date (Production)30 September 2015
  • The TX-Admin tab has been removed, and TX loggers are now visible along with dialled loggers on the "Mimosa/Dialled Loggers" tab.
  • Hour files can now be imported into Centrix manually.
  • Virtual channels are now defined using a text-based format. This is more flexible - you can copy-and-paste and move bits of expression around more easily.


Removal of the TX-Admin tab

The TX-Admin tab has been removed, and the TX loggers that used to be shown there are now visible in the "Mimosa / Dialled Loggers" tab (previously called "Diallers"). This is a step towards having all kinds of logger on one tab - the "RDAQ Loggers" tab will also be shown with the other loggers, in a future release.

Having all loggers in one place should make them easier to manage.

Text-Based Virtual Channels

Virtual Channels are now defined using a more flexible, text-based, format, instead of being created with a button-based UI. For more information, please see Creating Virtual Channels

Manual MPEC Hour File Upload

MPEC Hour files from sites without Centrix connected loggers can now be uploaded to Centrix. This is intended for uploading small amounts of data for viewing or for use with the SIN137/Sequence timing reports. In order to use this tool a site is required. This tool can be accessed by Site Admins via the actions dropdown on the sites tab.

Manual Hour File upload tool