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Release VersionCentrix R50
Release Date (Staging)08 October 2015
Release Date (Production)14 October 2015
  • Channels can now be imported/exported to/from CSV files.
  • The loggers tab now works better on smaller screens.
  • The workflow for setting up Mimosa loggers has been simplified.

  • Resolved issues with email field.

  • Added a new analogue indication type which displays text based on the value of an integer state channel.


Channels can now be imported/exported to/from CSV files

Channel definitions, including virtual channels, can now be exported to, or imported from, CSV files. This provides a way to bulk transfer multiple virtual channels definitions between different sites.

This feature can be accessed by a new "Import / Export" button on the "Channels" tab.



Simplified workflow for setting up new Mimosa Loggers

To set up a new Mimosa logger, you just have to select the site. You no longer have to change the treatment to NORMAL - it is now changed automatically, and the treatment menu has now been removed entirely.

There are two new checkboxes on the Mimosa configuration dialog that allow setting loggers into REPLACE and IGNORE treatments (if neither checkbox is selected then the treatment will be NORMAL).


Issues resolved


  • [CENTRIX-777] - Remove state and sequence_number columns from the Aip domain class and the event_analogue database table
  • [CENTRIX-1058] - Make the graphs widget more user friendly
  • [CENTRIX-1059] - Bulk edit of channels
  • [CENTRIX-1074] - Make the imdg build a single deployable jar
  • [CENTRIX-1075] - Mimosa log messages should provide warning-level information
  • [CENTRIX-1080] - The loggers tab should work better on small screens.


  • [CENTRIX-554] - Centrix should not process the same MIMOSA message more than once
  • [CENTRIX-1063] - The Centrix SWF is being cached too aggressively during development
  • [CENTRIX-1072] - Message logs are very slow to load with a lot of data due to wrong index
  • [CENTRIX-1078] - Email field does not support full set of delimiters for multi-emails