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Release VersionCentrix R61
Release Date (Staging)01 June 2016
Release Date (Production)10 June 2016
  • Alerts List now indicates active Points Alerts which are no longer in an alert state

  • Alerts List now displays the date the alert was last configured

  • Sites can now be edited on the HTML side, and loggers can be viewed.


Alerts List Improvements

Indication of active Points Alerts which are no longer causing new alerts

Active alerts will now display a blue alert symbol when the condition which caused the alert to occur no longer present.

This feature is currently only available for Points alerts.


You create a Points Alert on a set of points with an average pressure threshold set at 50bar.


A short time later, a points swing occurs with an average pressure of 55bar. This causes the alert to fire, and the red alert icon is displayed in the Centrix alert list.


On the next swing, the set of points reports another swing with an average pressure of 45bar. The original alert is still active, but now the alert icon is shown in blue, indicating that the alert is still active, but the most recent points swing did not cause an alert.


Any future swings which cause an alert will cause the alert icon to return to its red colour.


Display of last calibration date in Alerts List

Alert types with calibration thresholds (currently Track Circuit, Capture Trace Levels, and Points alerts) will now display their last calibrated date in the alerts list view.

As in previous versions, information on what calibrations were changed and by who can be accessed in the alert audit screen, accessed by the Audit/Raise history button or double clicking the alert.






More HTML/Mobile device support

The HTML/Mobile side of Centrix now allowing viewing and editing the list of sites, and viewing (but not editing, yet) the list of loggers.