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Release VersionCentrix R63
Release Date (Staging)13 July 2016
Release Date (Production)20 July 2016
  • Alarms can now be viewed (although not yet edited) on the HTML/mobile-friendly part of Centrix.
  • Alarm labels can now be viewed and edited on the HTML part.
  • There is a new way of quickly adding and removing emails to/from multiple alarm labels.
  • Improved performance when creating points alarms using large training data sets.
  • New status bars on various grids on the mobile-friendly side that show how many rows are in the grids (and how many are filtered/selected).
  • Warnings on the license manager when overlapping licenses are created for the same site.


Alarms on the HTML side

Eventually all parts of Centrix will be implemented using HTML so that they work on mobile browsers. This release brings viewing of alarms (status/audits/raise-history) to the HTML side. Future releases will add support for viewing/editing alarm configurations.

Alarm Labels

There is a new alarm labels view on the HTML client, which can be used to easily view and edit alarm labels from both mobile and desktop browsers.

If multiple alarm labels are selected for editing on the new Alarm Labels page, a new Alarm Label email editing page will be displayed, which allows for quickly adding and removing emails from multiple labels at the same time. This is only available on the HTML Client currently.