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Release VersionCentrix R67
Release Date (Staging) 
Release Date (Production) 
  • Asset Operation Counting for Points
  • Bug fix: Raw digital events report (mobile friendly version) showed inverted transition values.
  • Bug fix: State transition counts report failed for sites in negative timezone offset.


Asset Operation Counting for Points

A new feature has been added that allows the tracking of renewal dates for assets (limited to points at the moment) which can then be used as a baseline to count the number of operations. This new feature can be accessed from the HTML interface under the "Assets" menu.

By default the page lists all assets for the sites you have access to but it can be filtered down by specifying an asset name or site name. Once a renewal date has been entered, the number of operations will be counted as new events come into Centrix. For points, the operations counted include:

  • Track circuit operations (track covering the points if configured)
  • Normal to Reverse operations
  • Reverse to Normal operations
  • Normal to Normal operation
  • Reverse to Reverse operation
  • Normal to Normal operation whilst the track circuit is occupied
  • Reverse to Reverse operation whilst the track circuit is occupied
  • Bad transitions (invalid state transition, possibly due to missing data, power failure etc.)

To set the renewal date for an asset, click on it in the list and a new panel will appear at the bottom of the screen. Enter a date indicating when the asset was renewed and press the "Renew" button (this may be in the past or future but only data from new events will contribute towards the counts).

Assets which have a renewal date set will also show some statistics on the playback may when clicked:



Bug fixes

Raw Digital Events report show inverted transitions on mobile-friendly view

The HTML (mobile friendly) version of the Raw Digital Events report inverted all the transition values. I.e. N->R was shown as R->N and vice versa.

State Transition Counts report fails for sites in timezones with a negative GMT offset

The state transition counts report displayed an error when run on sites with a timezone configured with a negative GMT offset e.g. America/New_York (GMT-0500).

This did not affect any sites in GMT or with a positive offset (e.g. Europe/London).