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Release VersionCentrix R94
Release Date (Staging)


Release Date (Production)



Welcome Page

The Welcome page now includes links to Assets, Channels, Health Dashboards and Bookmarks.

Navigation Updates

The main menu has been updated to remove "New Graph" from the Inspect menu. This is available from the "Graph List" option.

The Reports menu option now takes you directly to the report list page. New reports can be created from here.

The Sites page now includes the option to navigate directly to associated assets.

Alarm lists and pages now include the option to navigate directly to associated assets.


HTML Playback is now the default

Playback now defaults to use the HTML release which featured in R93 of Centrix (please see Centrix R93 Release Notes). The playback controls have been updated as follows:

  • The legacy playback page (original Flash Player based version) is available by clicking the "Legacy Playback" button.

Zoom controls and new toolbar added

A new bottom toolbar has been added which now contains the controls for Zoom Out, Zoom to 100% and Zoom in. Alongside the option to make the mini-map visible which was previously located on the top toolbar.

Date Picker Updates

The date picker correctly applies the site's timezone when selecting a date.

The date picker will allow the user to navigate to the most recent data by choosing the now option (in blue in the screenshot below):

Info Events

Playback now includes "info" events which were missing in the original beta, as per the example below:

Internet Explorer Warning

If you are accessing the new Playback with Internet Explorer, a warning will be displayed indicating that for best performance we recommend an alternative browser.


Any SA380TX which has been upgraded to firmware versions supporting remote configuration (see 27-09-19 Release 1.5G1125) show two entries in the logger list. One for the RDAQ connection to support remote configuration and firmware upgrade and another entry for the MIMOSA connection to send the data.

These two entries are now linked within Centrix and you can navigate between them directly when viewing either of them:

The "Change Site" button now prompts for a confirmation before making any changes, this should help prevent accidental site changes.


Capture trace tags are now shown when viewing a points asset or points alarm raise.

The Assets list can now be filtered by one or more channels.

Unified Search

The unified system search, accessed by pressing the "magnifying glass" button at the top right of the page or using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Space) now includes search results for graphs.

User Administration

The user list in the "User Admin" section (requires the "User Admin" role) has been updated and the freetext search for roles and groups have been replaced with item selectors. The freetext search now also includes the email address field when searching.




The bookmarks list has been updated to match the format of other lists within Centrix, and the "New Bookmark" button has been added. New bookmark functionality was previously available within the playback display.

New Bookmarks can be created with the following dialogue:


The graph list has been updated to match the format of other lists within Centrix. In addition, the list can be filtered by selecting one or more channels.


  • Unified search shortcut now works from the channels page.
  • Sites with large numbers of groups are now correctly displayed in the sites list.
  • Raw digital events report .xlsx file was not displaying dates in the correct timezone.

Addendum 94.1 Hotfix Release

  • Temporarily disable analogue indications on new Playback page to diagnose performance issues.

Addendum 94.2 Hotfix Release

  • Temporarily disable default links to new Playback page to diagnose performance issues.

Addendum 94.3 Hotfix Release

  • Improvement in the way analogue indications are loaded on the new Playback page to address performance issues.
  • Improvement in the way new incoming data is integrated into new playback and event inspect pages to address performance issues.
  • Address issue with the Audio Frequency Track Circuit alarm raising alarms incorrectly in some specific cases.

Addendum 94.4 Hotfix Release

  • Restore default links to new Playback page.