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Loggers that are contacted via a dial-up connection can sometimes suffer from bad communication links. Hardware failures may also not be noticed until an incident occurs and it becomes apparent that the data was not logged.

This alert is designed to warn a user when a logger has not been successfully contacted by Centrix for a given period of time so the problem can be investigated.

Create the Alert

  • Access the Alerts module from the top menu
  • Click the Add (plus) button in the lower left of the page
  • Select Logger Contact (Comms) when prompted for the Alert Type
  • Click Create Alert
  • Enter the Name of the alert - this will the subject of any alert e-mails sent
  • Enter the E-mail Address you want to be notified to when the alert triggers (multiple addresses can be entered by separating them with a comma)
  • Deselect the Subscribed? check box if you don't want to be e-mailed when the alert triggers
  • Enter the Suppression Period for the alert - this is the amount of time between each alert trigger before e-mail notifications are resent (used to prevent many e-mails being sent for the same issue)
  • Enter the Maximum Contact Interval (hrs) configuration for the alert - if a logger is not successfully contacted for this amount of time, the alert will trigger
  • Click OK to create the alert

It is recommended to set the Suppression Period to Forever (or a very high value) for this alert type. The alert is tested every 10 minutes, so you could receive an e-mail notification every 10 minutes until the logger is successfully contacted.

It is fairly normal for a logger to fall behind by up to 4 hours, so be careful not to set the interval too low unless you specifically want to know when this happens. Unless there is an obvious issue with Centrix, please don't report any system issues if a logger has not been contacted for just a few hours.

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