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The State Transitions Counts report allows you to report on how many times one or more digital channels have changed state over a given period of time.

Create a Report

  • Access the Reporting module from the main menu
  • Select State Transition Counts in the Reports menu
  • Enter the name of the Site you want to run the report for (it is not currently possible to run the report for multiple sites)
  • Select the Date Range for the report data set
    • Use a predefined value (e.g. Today, Yesterday, Last Week etc) or
    • Select a custom date range
  • Select the Grouping you want to apply to the data (By Year, By Month, By Day, By Hour)
  • If you want to exclude transitions from Up->Dn or Dn->Up, deselect the relevant boxes
  • Type the name of the Channel you want to run the report for and click Add
  • Repeat for each channel you want to add to the report
  • Click Run Report to generate the report

Export Report Data

You can export the table of data at the top of the report in CSV format (readable by Microsoft Excel)

  • Click Export Results as CSV at the top right of the report

Example Usages

How many trains ran over a section of track for each hour yesterday?

  • Select Site the track section belongs to
  • Select Yesterday for the Date Range
  • Use By Hour grouping
  • Add the channel that represents a track circuit in the section you are interested in (e.g. AA TPR)
  • Deselect the Dn->Up option (otherwise trains will be counted twice)
  • Click Run Report




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