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  • Real Time "Queued Events"
    There is a subtle change in terminology here, the "Events to Send" entry in the real time display has been changed to "Queued Events".

An event can be:

    • A single analogue or digital acquire-on-change sample.
    • A single trigger-capture waveform.
    • A single EbiTrack message.
    • A single Syslog Message.

  • The batching and buffering process will attempt to empty the entire buffer when the buffer size exceeds the "buffer length" configuration parameter, or no data has been sent for "buffer timeout" settings.
  • This subtle change will drastically reduce the time taken to clear data buffers containing large numbers of events.
  • Syslog messages are only sent when RailDAQ protocol is selected. If MIMOSA protocol is selected, then Syslog Events are "skipped".


Automated Firmware Upgrade and Configuration via Centrix


If the RailDAQ protocol is adopted, the SA380TX-L now supports remote firmware upgrade and configuration via the Centrix platform.

    • This exciting new feature allows the user to deploy upgrades / hot-fixes to all or a selection of deployed SA380TX-L automatically.
    • Reading and writing of config via Centrix will allow users to configure and troubleshoot loggers in the field, without a fixed IP address connection.
    • It will enable sophisticated configuration management and provide a auditable trial of config changes.
    • It allows mpec to provide top quality product support.

These features will be gradually rolled out in Centrix over the coming months. SA380TX-L devices must be upgraded to 2676 or later firmware manually before these features can be leveraged.


Major Bug Fixes

  • Database resilient to corruption. Previously seen on loggers under high-load in service.
  • EbiTrack Timestamp Error Fix. Data from EbiTrack receivers could be timestamped incorrectly.
  • RailDaq Push Configuration: TX-L will now send all enabled channels to Centrix.