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Release VersionCentrix R87
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Inspect Graph

Improved Graph Controls

  • The new sidebar now shows clearly the channel type of each channel on the graph.
  • Digital and capture graphs can now be reordered using drag-and-drop.
  • Improved the graph saving workflow:
    • Graphs now require a name
    • Adding and removing channels from a graph now will only be saved if the user explicitly saves the changes.
  • Improved the space-efficiency of the page.
  • Hide/show controls improved to allow hiding multiple channels at once.

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Zooming Improvements

  1. The new sidebar has 'fast forward' / 'skip to the end' icons.

    1. If you click one specific to a channel, the time will be set so that the latest data point for that channel is in the centre of the graph.

    2. If you click one specific to a group of channels ('analogue' or 'other'), the time will be set so that the latest data point for all of those channels is in the centre of the graph.

    3. The time range will remain unchanged (e.g. 24 hours, 4 hours etc.)

    4. If data is continuously coming in from the logger and you would like to track it in real time, this button can used like a refresh button to update the page with the latest data without changing any other graph setting.

  2. There is a new date / time scrollbar at the top of the graph.

    1. You can drag either end to narrow or expand the time range for the data which has been loaded onto the graph (e.g. 24 hour range)

    2. You can drag the time range window left or right to pan across the data.

    1. The zoom out button has been moved to the left side of the graph so that it does not get in the way of this new date / time scrollbar.

Dashed line to signify future data

A dashed line is drawn into the future to signify when you are viewing the most recent data point (e.g. by clicking the jump to most recent data button).

If there are no data points visible on the graph but there is data for the channel, then a dashed line will be drawn across the entire range.

This is done for analogue and digital channels but has not yet been implemented for capture traces.


Each channel that is selected has an associated timezone based on the site it is associated with. When you select a single channel, the graph will be shown in that timezone and this will be shown in the top right corner. This has always been the behaviour.

The graph timezone is now configurable by the user if more captures channels from more than one timezone are selected.

This will automatically select the most common timezone within the selected set of channels.

Downsampled Data

When viewing data on the Inspect Graph, there is a limit to how much data we can show for each channel. If, for the time range selected, there is too much data for a channel, the data will be downsampled to an even distribution of the most significant data points.

When this happens a yellow banner will appear above the graph and any channel's which have been downsampled will be marked with a yellow warning triangle.

titleViewing Raw Data

In order to view the raw (i.e. no downsampling) a smaller date range must be selected, which will reload the data.
Zooming on the graph does not reload the data and will simply show a zoomed view of the downsampled data.

Points Capture Trace Processed Regions

In many places in Centrix, the electric current inrush region of Electric Points traces and the end clamplock region of pressure traces is removed. As of Release 86 this region is now calculated once when a capture trace associated with a points Asset is initially saved, rather than every time the region is needed. This has allowed us to significantly speed up many pages. As of this release, the following pages should be significantly faster:

  • Points Alarm Wizard
  • Points Performance Report
  • Points Analysis Report
  • Points Performance graph on the Points Alarm Raise and Points Asset pages.

This has also allowed us to easily show this removed region for Points Capture Traces on the Inspect Capture page:

If the checkbox at the top of the page is ticked, the removed regions are shown as dotted lines. 

If the capture traces selected are not associated with a Points Asset, then they will not have a 'processed' region. 

Internet Explorer Bugs

  • Item selector modals (e.g. select multiple channels) were not autofocusing to the input in IE

  • Input elements have an unwanted clear button in IE

  • Some buttons had some unwanted shadows in IE

  • For Health Dashboards and the Capture Browser an eye icon was visible in IE instead of a colour. 

  • The pointer in IE was defaulting to the text selection cursor in places

Global Search

  • Now only requires 2 characters instead of 3. This was changed because users had requirements to search for assets such as track circuits with 2-character names.
  • Added view all buttons for assets and channels. The other types already had this. 
    • The "View All" button for channels takes you to the new Channels page with your text search pre-populated.
    • The "View All" button for assets takes you to the Asset list page with your text search pre-populated

Export loggers list to CSV

The logger list can now be exported to CSV to allow data manipulation and reporting offline. The button at the top right of the list contains two new options:

  • Export all data as CSV - this ignores any filters you may have applied an exports the entire list to CSV format.
  • Export visible data as CSV - this exports the current view based on any filters applied to CSV format.

Minor amendments and fixed issues

  • Account Recovery pages had no styling (forgot username / password).
  • Made buttons on logger pages visually more consistent with each other.
  • On the main dashboard page under "Quick View", the selected date and time were not being pulled through to the playback page.
  • Error dialog was being incorrectly shown when attempting to add a new dialled logger to a site.
  • Searching for items containing an underscore "_"  did not bring back the expected results in some places.
  • Site name is now displayed with the channel name on the Inspect Graph channel selector.
  • Inspect graph channel selector is now a multi-select.
  • Added individual delete button to alarms on Alarm Management page.
  • Updated "Access Denied" page and added a link back to the dashboard.
  • When using the "Inspect > Captures" page on mobile devices, the "View Traces" button was always disabled.
  • On the Alarm Status and Alarm Management lists the alarm type selector is now a multi-select.
  • Pressure trace processed regions were not being calculated correctly if they contained a negative value. This was causing alarms to raise which shouldn't be.