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Release VersionCentrix R87
Release Date (Staging) TBD
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Inspect Graph


new sidebar, shows channel types, requires name to save, save button to make it much clearer that this is required

TODO: Timezone now displayed

Downsampled Data

When viewing data on the Inspect Graph, there is a limit to how much data we can show for each channel. If, for the time range selected, there is too much data for a channel, the data will be downsampled to an even distribution of the most significant data points.

When this happens a yellow banner will appear above the graph and any channel's which have been downsampled will be marked with a yellow warning triangle.

titleViewing Raw Data

In order to view the raw (i.e. no downsampling) a smaller date range must be selected, which will reload the data.
Zooming on the graph does not reload the data and will simply show a zoomed view of the downsampled data.

Points Capture Trace Processed Regions

Internet Explorer Bugs

  • Item selector modals (e.g. select multiple channels) were not autofocusing to the input in IE
  • Input elements have an unwanted clear button in IE
  • Some buttons had some unwanted shadowing in IE
  • For Health Dashboards and the Capture Browser an eye icon was visible in IE instead of a colour. TODO: screenshot
  • The pointer in IE was defaulting to the text selection cursor in places

Global Search

  • Now only requires 2 characters instead of 3. This was changed because users had examples of wanting to search by 2 character. For example: "tr" to find track circuit channels.
    TODO: Screenshot 
  • Added view all buttons for assets and channels. The other types already had this. 
    • The "View All" button for channels takes you to the new Channels page with your text search pre-populated.
    • The "View All" button for assets takes you to the Asset list page with your text search pre-populated

Minor amendments and fixed issues

  • Account Recovery page had no styling
  • Made buttons on logger pages visually more consistent with each other
  • On the main dashboard page under 'Quick View', the date and time selected wasn't being pulled through to the playback page
  • Error when adding a new dialled logger to a site
  • Searching by '_' was acting as a wildcard rather than actually searching for '_' in some places.
  • Site name is now displayed with the channel name on the Inspect Graph channel selector.
  • Inspect graph channel selector is now a multi-select.
  • Added individual delete button to alarms on Alarm Management page.
  • Updated "Access Denied" page and added a link back to the dashboard.
  • Inspect Captures, on mobile devices the "View Traces" button was always disabled.
  • On the Alarm Status and Alarm Management lists the alarm type selector is now a multi-select.