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Release VersionCentrix R88
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Total item counts added to list views

There is additional text at the bottom of all list views which now show the total number of items and the items that are currently in view on the page. This is based on any filters that you may have applied and can be useful for getting an idea of how many items are setup in Centrix.

Hidden channels are now persisted in the URL on the Inspect Graph

Channels can be quickly hidden on the Inspect Graph by clicking the "eye" button on the channel.

The visibility of each channel is now represented as part of the URL which means that it can be shared with colleagues and only the visible channels will be displayed.

Inspect graph splits series with same unit but different scales

The Inspect Graph now splits series with the same unit but different scales into multiple series.
Each unit can have one autoscaled series and any number of manually scaled series.

The image above shows a graph with 3 groups of y-axes, all for the same unit. The purple, red and blue axes are autoscaled, the orange axis has scale of -2 to 3 and the yellow and green axes have a scale of -1 to 5.

Inspect graph asset and channel filtering

Previously, when adding an asset or a channel to the graph you could only filter by name in the item selector.
Clicking the "Asset" or "Channel" buttons on the inspect graph toolbar used to open the item selector, now it expands a section which contains filters for the item selector.
Now a site and channel or asset type can be selected before opening the item selector and all items will be filtered by these options.

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Inspect captures print view

The "Inspect > Captures" page now has a print view, which makes taking a screenshot, for example to attach to a trouble ticket, much easier.
To toggle between print view and normal view there is a new button next to the "Clear Traces" button (highlighted).

Image Added

When in print view double click on the graph to make the graph cursor sticky, single click to change the cursor's position. Double click again to stop the cursor from being sticky.
The values on the graph at the current cursor position will be displayed in the first column of the table, with the colour matching the corresponding line on the graph.

Asset selector on Inspect Captures

The "Inspect > Captures" page now has an asset selector which makes it easier to locate capture traces for assets without having to know site and channel names.

For assets which only have a single capture channel (such as electrically actuated points) it will be selected by default and the captures list will be loaded below, ready for selection.

For assets which have multiple capture channels associated with them (such as hydraulically actuated points) you will need to select which channel to load captures for. Clicking the "select channel" button will display a dialog with any channels available on the asset ready for selection.

Minor amendments and fixed issues

  • The "Inspect > Capture" graph now supports non-integer time deltas, this allows non-standard capture data such as frequency to be plotted.
  • Digital channels plotted on the Inspect Graph from the MIMOSA channel page were being drawn incorrectly.
  • Analogue channels added to a graph now have step line type by default rather than segment.
  • Adding an asset to graph which has capture channels wasn't adding the capture channels.