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Multiple capture trace overlays

It is now possible to overlay multiple capture traces on a single graph irrespective on whether the trace has been marked as a baseline.

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To add a trace to the current graph, click the [+]icon from the Traces panel on the bottom left.

To tag a trace as a baseline, click the tag icon either from the Traces panel on the bottom left, or from the current trace table above the graph.

To remove a trace from the graph, either click the [-] icon from the Traces panel on the bottom left, or from the current trace table above the graph.

To clear the graph of all traces, click the Actions menu and select Clear all traces.

The Traces list can be filtered to only show baseline traces by ticking the “Baseline?” checkbox to the right of the date selector.


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State transition counts report

Centrix now has a Reporting module that is available via the main menu; this will be the home of all future reports.

State Transition Counts report has been created to allow you to see how many times digital input channels have transitioned for given grouped periods of time. The statistics are presented in a grid (with CSV download) and a bar chart.


Up to 10 channels can be compared on the graph from a single site. Add channels by typing the channel name in the Add Channel box and clicking Add.

The counts can be grouped by; Year, Month, Day or Hour.

Click Export Results to CSV to export the raw report data for manipulation in an external application (e.g. Microsoft® Excel).


Map & graphical object enhancements

Track circuits can now be added to the map without the requirement of a track circuit relay. This allows unmonitored track sections to be included in the map without having to use rectangles/text to represent them.

2/3 aspect signals now accept a position light channel input (GR/GPR).

Position light assets are now auto-created during the asset generation process.

Some issues with auto asset generation have now been resolved.

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Auto signal graphical objects can now be added to the map.

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End of overlap marker(s) can now be added to track circuits.