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The dashboard is the first screen you see when opening Centrix. It allows you to quickly open the event replay screen for any site you have access to. Just type provides a few useful widgets, described below.

This widget provides links to commonly used Centrix item listings, along with showing some stats about each item.

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The search widget provides a way to find entities within Centrix by name/title. This search feature will search across sites, alarms, assets, channels and bookmarks to help locate the entity you are looking for. This replicates the functionality available by clicking the search button on the top bar.

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Quick browse

This widget provides a quick way to open the Playback panel for a given site and time. Simply enter the name of the site and hit the enter key. You can customize the time that the event replay opens at by using the input fields beneath the site picker.Image Removed, select the date/time and click Browse.

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