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Table of Contents

HTML Playback Beta

The HTML playback page has been designed to replace the graphical replay features of the current playback page which relies on the soon to be obsolete Adobe Flash Player plugin. For existing Centrix users we hope that this page feels very familiar and appreciate any feedback you can provide.

A beta version of the new playback page is available from the main main via Inspect → Playback Beta, or via the link on the old playback page labelled "View in Playback (BETA)" and shown below.

When opening the page via the Inspect → Playback Beta item on the main menu, the map will be blank, a site must be selected using the site selector in the top right (4) in order to load the map and events.


  1. Event replay controls.
  2. Playback date/time selector.
  3. Controls for:
    • Toggling the minimap (5)
    • Toggling the background grid (turned off in the screenshot above).
    • Links to the old playback page and map designer.
    • Link to the selected site's loggers.
  4. Site selector.
  5. Minimap - the highlight box shows the area of the map currently in view, click on the minimap to jump to that position.
  6. Controls for:
    • Filtering the events list by channel.
    • Toggling showing initial state events.
    • Highlighting the targeted event's channel on the map.

titleZoom Controls

The additions of zooming controls is in progress and will be available in the following release (R94).

Below is a table showing features which have not been implemented on the new playback page:

(tick) = Existing feature that will be implemented, possibly elsewhere in Centrix.

(question) = Existing feature with alternatives available, may be considered for new playback.

(error) = Existing feature that will not be implemented in new playback.

OutcomeFeature Description
(tick)No "Maintenance Windows". This feature will be implemented elsewhere in Centrix as we longer longer believe it needs to be part of playback.
(tick)No option to create new bookmarks. This feature will initially be implemented elsewhere in Centrix and will be considered for the new playback page.
(tick)No support for viewing original hour / syslog files. This feature has been added to the logger page, see the section labelled "Access to hour and syslog files via Dialled Loggers" below in these release notes.
(question)No "Pull Latest Events From Logger" button on playback. This feature already exists when viewing a dialled logger. You can make use of the "Loggers" button (3) to jump the the logger.
(question)No "Export the selected events as a table (Ctrl+C)" button. The "Raw Digital Events" report can fulfil this use case but we may consider adding a convenience feature to pre-populate the parameters for this report.
(question)No indication of the logger types associated with a site. This information can be seen in a table at the bottom of the Site page.
(question)No list of bookmarks on playback. The "Inspect > Bookmarks" page can fulfil the use case in the meantime.
(question)No list of capture traces on playback. The "Inspect > Captures" page can fulfil the use case in the meantime.

No list of alarms on playback. The "Alarms > Alarm Status" can fulfil the use case in the meantime.

(question)No list of SSI events on playback. The "Inspect > Events" page can fulfil the use case in the meantime.
(question)No access to Graphs on playback, the "Inspect > New Graph" and "Inspect > Graph List" can fulfil the majority of the requirements. We are aware that there are some difference between the old and new pages.
(error)No support for selecting a date/time with millisecond precision. For 99% of uses cases selecting the nearest second is sufficient, an advanced user could modify the parameters in the browser address bar should they require this level of precision.


No support for "Time Spaced Mode" in playback, this altered the spacing between events to group events together that were nearby in time.


No support for "Show Alarm Indicators". This was a relativity unknown feature and could be used to show icons on the map for assets with active alarms.
(error)No "Logic Analyser". The existing "Inspect > New Graph" page allows comparing events from multiple digital channels and should be suitable replacement for the logic analyser.

New Asset Page

The asset page has been redesigned to bring it up to date with other style list pages such as channels and sites.

Clicking on an asset will now take you to the asset's "view" page, you can edit the asset's configuration by clicking the "pencil" icon on the right, this will only be visible to users with sufficient privileges.

A site filter has also been added, allowing assets to be filtered down by site rather than having to rely on the freetext search.

The "Create New Asset" button can be used to create a new asset, the workflow has changed slightly. After clicking the button you will be taken to a new page where you can select the asset type. This is similar to the process for creating alarms. Click the type of asset you want to create:

This will take you through to the "create asset" page with the asset type pre-selected. Additionally, if you applied a site filter on the asset list then this will be pre-selected as well. These changes should help improve the workflow for creating new assets.

SSI Asset Telegram Count Channels

The SSI asset has been extended to include eight telegram count channels:

  • Missing Telegram Count (Link A/Link B) - the number of telegrams where a request was sent but no matching reply was seen.
  • No Request Telegram Count (Link A/Link B) - the number of telegrams where a response was seen but no request was sent.
  • Unexpected Telegram Count (Link A/Link B) - the number of telegrams where a response was seen but was unexpected because the particular TFM is not part of the monitored SSI.
  • Wrong Telegram Count (Link A/Link B) - the number of telegrams where an ident that does not match the configured SSI was observed. 

When creating or editing an SSI asset, the new channels can be selected manually or by using the "Auto-detect channels" feature that will attempt to assign the correct channels.

titleAuto-detecting Telegram Count Channels

The telegram count channels are auto-detected by finding channels with the correct name suffix ("Ident (missing A)", "Ident (missing B)", etc).
These channels may be incorrect on Sites with more than one SSI Asset,  due to more than one channel matching the expected name.

SSI Assets with telegram count channels will display daily telegram count values from these channels on the SSI heatmap.

New layout for Dialers

The dialers page has been restyled to bring it inline with other pages in Centrix.

Old page:

New Page:

Access to hour and syslog files via Dialled Loggers

Previously, the only way to access hour and syslog files for dialled loggers was via a button the playback page. When viewing a dialled logger there are now two additional tabs which show the entire history of files downloaded from the logger. There is a "download" button on the left side of the items in the list to download the original file. The original files that are older than 90 days are not available for download from Centrix.

Hour files tab:

Syslog files tab:

Single Item Selectors

When a field requires a single item to be selected, clicking on that field again once an item was selected would clear the contents. This can be seen on the "Quick Browse" tool on the dashboard for the site selection:

Select Site (1st click) → Clear Selected Site (2nd click) → Select Site (3rd click)

A slight modification has been made to this behaviour. In cases where the field is marked as "required", a selection must be made so reverting the field to "empty" doesn't really makes sense. The new behaviour pops up the selection dialog now allowing you to immediately make a new selection.

Select Site (1st click) → Select Site (2nd click)

Minor amendments and fixed issues

  • New page layout for dialled loggers, the "log messages" and "edit" form now have dedicated tabs.
  • Dialled Logger's logger type was not showing the correct value.
  • Site can no longer be changed when editing an Asset.
  • Analogue level alarms now use words rather than operators on thresholds (eg: "less than" rather than "<")
  • It is now clearly indicated when firmware is downloaded by anonymous / non-logged in users on the firmware management page.

Addendum 93.1 Hotfix Release

  • Fix for the realtime messaging for Internet Explorer

Addendum 93.2 Hotfix Release

  • The site timezone was not being applied on the new Playback page.
  • Track circuits covering points were showing their state inverted on the new Playback page.