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Release VersionCentrix R94
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Table of Contents

Welcome Page

The Welcome page now includes links to Assets, Channels, Health Dashboards and Bookmarks.

Navigation Updates

The main menu has been updated to remove "New Graph" from the Inspect menu. This is available form the "Graph List" option.

The Reports menu option not takes you directly to the report list page. New reports can be created from here.

The Sites page now includes the option to navigate directly to associated assets.


Playback now defaults to use the HTML release which featured in R93 of centrix (please see Centrix R93 Release Notes). The playback controls have been updated as follows:

  • The legacy playback page (original flex version) is available by clicking "Legacy Playback".
  • The Grid option has been removed in HTML Playback.

The bottom toolbar contains the controls for Zoom Out, Zoom to 100% and Zoom in. Alongside the option to make the mini-map visible.

Date Picker Updates

The date picker correctly applies the site's timezone when selecting a date.

The date picker will allow the user to navigate to the most recent data by choosing the now option (in blue in the screenshot below):

Info Events

Playback now includes "info" events which were missing in the original beta, as per the example below:

Logger Detail

Any SA380TX which has been upgraded to firmware versions supporting remote configuration (see 27-09-19 Release 1.5G1125) are now linked within centrix. These will still appear in the loggers list twice:

however you can navigate between them directly as below.

User Administration

The users list can now be filtered by multiple roles as illustrated below:


The bookmarks list has been updated to match the format of other lists within centrix, and the "New Bookmark" button has been added. New book functionality was previously available within the playback display.

New Bookmarks can be created with the following dialogue:


  • Unified search shortcut now works from the channels page.
  • User list text field will now filter by email address.
  • Sites with large numbers of groups are now correctly displayed in the sites list.