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Clicking on the green "Inspect Traces" button, at the bootom of the screen, will take you to the graph view, with a graph displaying the select capture traces.

Captures Graph View


The captures graph view provides a graphical display of capture trace data and allows you to tag and comment capture traces.

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Editing the Graph


The blue actions button provides you with the following options to apply to the graph.

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Toggle the visibility of capture traces on the graph

There are two methods to toggle visibility of channels on the graph. You can either;

Image Added Solo (hide others)

The "solo" action will hide all other channels on the graph, showing only the selected channel. Click the button again to de-solo the channel.

Image Added Hide

The "hide" action will hide only the selected channels, leaving other channels as they are. Click the button again to unhide the channel.

Image Added Remove

The "remove" action will completely remove the channel from the graph.

Editing the Capture Trace


Image Added The "Edit Trace" button will reveal the editing section.

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Select a tag from the drop down list to edit the capture traces tag.

Click the comments button to open the comments window and edit the capture traces comment.

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Use the colour picker to select the colour for the capture trace's graph line.

Return to List

Clicking the "Return to List" button will take you back to the capture traces list view. Returning to the list using this button retains your selected site and channel, along with any filters you have applied, allowing you to quickly switch back to the list and select different capture traces to inspect.