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The Alarms module allows you to configure conditions for which the system will send an e-mail alert.

There are a number of pre-configured alert templates available in the system;

Train Over SpeedSet a minimum transition time between 2 track circuits to detect a speeding trainOK
Possible SPADDetect when a signal is passed at dangerOK
SA380 Slave OfflineDetect when an SA380 slave unit has gone inactiveOK
Digital State ChangeDetect a state change on any digital input channelOK
Track FlickDetect a flick on a track circuit by specifying a minimum occupation timeOK
Points FlickDetect loss of detection on a set of pointsOK
Signal ReversionDetect a signal reverting to danger when approaching track circuit is occupiedEXPERIMENTAL
Analogue LevelDetect when an analogue channel exceeds a given threshold valueOK
Capture Trace LevelsDetect when a capture trace exceeds any given threshold valuesOK
Logger Contact (Comms) AlertDetect when a dialled logger hasn't been successfully contacted for a given period of timeOK
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