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This area of the system allows you to inspect triggered captures retrieved from data loggers. A primary use of this is for analysing current from points/switch motor drives.

Capture Listing

To view the list of configured captures for a site, start typing the name of the site in the box containing Type Site Name...

The capture listing will contain the captures as configured in the logger's channel mapping. One capture represents one monitored channel, usually monitoring a single end of a set of points.

Trace Listing

To view the list of traces (captured events) for a given capture (channel), click on the name of the capture you want to view. This will load all the events that have occurred on this capture channel;

Date/TimeThe date/time the event started
DirThe direction indicator sent by the logger (e.g. N -> R for normal to reverse)
Len (sec)The length of the capture (in seconds)
Add the trace to the graph
Tag the trace
Add/view comments on the trace


The trace listing can be filtered by Direction or Tag.


You can view the traces for a particular day by selecting a date in the Traces listing header.

Trace Viewer

You can view a trace by clicking the  button in the Actions column of the trace listing, or by double-clicking on the table row. By default this will add the trace to the current graph (overlaid with any existing traces).

The trace viewer contains a listing of all the selected traces;

ColourColour of the trace on the graph
ChannelCapture channel the trace belongs to
Date/TimeDate/time the event started
DirDirection indicator sent by the logger (e.g. N -> R for normal to reverse)
AverageAverage value of the trace
TotalTotal area under the curve for the trace
LengthLength of the capture (in seconds)
Start TriggerTime the start trigger was fired (if available)
End TriggerTime the end trigger was fired (if available)
Remove the trace from the graph
Tag the trace
Add/view comments on the trace


You can perform global actions to the current trace graph using the Actions menu on the top right;

Export asExport the current graph as an image
Apply area fillColour fill the area under the curve
Apply line smoothingApply line smoothing to the graph series
Sync all to end/startSynchronise the selected traces to the end/start
Clear all tracesRemove all the current traces from the graph (reset)




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